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E-Biking in La Plagne

Discover the Mountains by E-bike

E-bikes offer a great way to access the mountains, see stunning scenery and get good exercise by covering greater distances with the help of an electric motor.

E-bikes might be frowned upon, and seen as cheating in the mountain biking community, but for those with certain conditions that make normal biking difficult they make the mountains more accessible to all.

If recovering from a stroke, for example, e-bikes offer the opportunity to ride in the mountains again without exerting too much physical effort. E-biking is also ideal for those with MS, Parkinson's or similar degenerative conditions.

E-biking in La Plagne = fun, family time, making new friends, exercise and a chance to explore the mountains for the first time or continue with a sport you previously loved!

There are a total of 10 routes on offer in La Plagne that you can tour by e-bike.

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Breathtaking Scenery

La Plagne is a great resort known to many for its excellent adaptive and assisted skiing. It is also a great place to enjoy in the summer.

E-biking in La Plagne offers the chance to experience fresh mountain air and spectacular scenery with views of Mont Blanc and the Vanoise National Park.

Fun for All

For families wanting to do an activity together e-bikes suit all abilities. For the more competent rider e-bikes are good fun to ride.

For older members of the family, and less confident riders, they provide extra power to help them keep up with the kids, who can ride e-bikes with 24 inch wheels.

Guided Tours

If it is your first time e-biking, and are not an experienced mountain biker, then it is a good idea to go with a guide. They have all the tools to fix the bike if there is a problem and will also give you riding tips along the way.

E-biking top tips...

...from mountain bike guide Simon Masi

#1 Start off slowly and get used to the extra power - e-bikes are heavier than normal bikes. If you set off too quickly in turbo mode the bike might wheelie and throw you off!

#2 Don’t forget to use the gears - sounds obvious but e-bikes are just like normal bikes. Many first time e-bikers don’t use the gears thinking that the motor does all the work

#3 Pedal gently when changing gear - if you put in a heavy pedal stroke while changing gear it can cause the chain to get stuck. Pedal gently for a smooth gear change

#4 Control your speed and brake softly - this tips goes for any kind of mountain biking. Learning to control your speed is key to becoming a competent rider

#5 Stand up when riding downhill keeping one pedal in front (strongest foot forward) and look ahead - again this tip applies to all mountain biking. Looking ahead keeps you aware of upcoming obstacles and gives you time to prepare for them