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Accessibility options
Inclusivity, Accessibility and Well-Being enriches quality of life for children and adults with life-changing conditions through empowering year-round mountain activities including snow-sports

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Motor Neurone Disease is a degenerative condition that not only changes the life of the person diagnosed, but also has enormous personal impact on family and friends. For one family, all of whom love skiing and the Alps in winter, continuing with a ski holiday was a positive attitude not a negative one.

I was contacted by the brother of a man with MND who had the following enquiry:

“We have booked a family ski holiday to Les Deux Alpes for 26th January 2019, at the request of my brother, as he is desperate to see his 2 daughters ski before the inevitable happens. Currently he does have a wheelchair, but he can still walk (hobble) unaided for short distances. If possible, he does want to have a go at adaptive skiing so any help/guidance on ski equipment rental, lessons whilst in the resort, I would be very very grateful. ......

We’re actually staying in a chalet with my family - Chalet La Muzelle. It’s not specifically designed for disabled access but my brother has given the go ahead for it, as he does still have some mobility currently, it just may take him a little while longer to get up the stairs. 😀😀. His room and washroom are based at ground floor level. Personally, I have to make this holiday as enjoyable for my brother as possible. Thank you“ Steven

It was an emotive moment when I saw the Instagram post from his cousin:

“Motor neurone disease is a disease that impacts me more personally. My lovely cousin who is like a big brother to me got diagnosed around a year and a half ago. His symptoms started with fasciculations (the spontaneous contraction of muscles) and then during a exercise test in work he was unable to finish due to weakness. He has a wife and 2 daughters and recently as a family we went skiing in the alps where he was able to do disabled skiing through a charity called ski 2 freedom. Motor neurone disease is a disease that has no cure and has no real awareness - it is something I want to focus on more and hopefully offer some insight into this disease. My cousin is truly my hero - he is a constant reminder that however shit life gets, there is still a life to live and things to be grateful for”.

@mndassoc@motor_neurone_disease_uk#motorneuronedisease #mnd#generalpractice #adultnursing#practicenursing #ski2freedom@ski_2_freedom

It was so much pleasure to help and thank you for the lovely mention and support! @ski_2_freedomfabulous photo!!🤗

@ski_2_freedom you gave a dying man the opportunity to be on top of the world for what could be the last time, so thank YOU so much xx

I hope that other people who are affected either themselves or by a family member or friend will also see the enormous empowerment that a ski or winter holiday can bring, especially for those who annually came to the Alps to ski. If there is anything that I can do to help in achieving this, then please do contact me

@tessier_adaptive_sports @esfles2alps
@mndassoc@motor_neurone_disease_uk#motorneuronedisease #mnd#generalpractice #adultnursing#practicenursing #ski2freedom@ski_2_freedom



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