South African Sit Skiers come to Davos and Klosters

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Sit Skiing in South Africa

Afriski is the only ski resort in Lesotho, near the northern border of Lesotho and South Africa. The resort has a 1 km long ski slope and is open during the winter months of June to August.

Mathys, Kobus and Jacques all learned to sit ski at Afriski. Mathys was the first to introduce the adaptive skiing to South Africa and is now introducing more people to the sport.

Day 1 - The Storm Hits

The first day was an extreme introduction to skiing in the Alps. For Jacques, a beginner sit skier, the snow conditions were very different to what he was used to at Afriski and he struggled to make turns on the wetter and stickier snow.

In the afternoon a storm came in quickly, catching us off guard, but we made it back to the top station just in time. We had to wait out the storm for a couple of hours until the cable car started running again.

In the white out Mathys fell off the side of the piste and dropped about 10 feet into the deep snow. It took four people to drag him out!

Day 3 - Limited Options

The resort was closed on day 2 due to the amount of snow that had fallen. On the third day Mathys and Jacques went to the Madrisa ski area, which is accessed from Klosters Dorf.

Madrisa is an ideal ski area for beginners with its long and wide blue pistes. Unfortunately on this day there was only one T-bar lift open due to the amount of snow.

However the conditions and slope were much better for Jacques. He started to get his confidence back and improved quickly.

Making Adjustments

Small adjustments to the sit ski, outriggers, straps etc. can make a big difference when learning.

A pole under the ski helps to find the centre balance point of the sit ski.

Day 4 - Davos and the Jakobshorn Ski Area

The conditions were much better on day 4 . The Jakobshorn ski area was chosen as the location for the days skiing.

Access to the cable car was facilitated by helpful staff, trolleys and hydraulic lifts. All of which made getting around the ski area very easy.

All Systems Go!

With Jaqcues feeling more confident in his sit ski and the improved weather conditions this was the first day that Mathys, Kobus and Jaqcues skied together properly.

Planning Their Next Trip

Before their trip was coming to an end the guys were already planning their next trip to the Alps. Even though it's a year away they have got the winter months in the southern hemisphere to look forward to. Afriski may not be able to offer anything like the length of the runs in the Alps but at least they can ski and improve their technique for next years trip.