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Accessibility options
Accessibility options
Making the magic of winter mountain experiences truly inclusive and accessible

The ESF, French Ski School, is the main provider of assisted and adaptive skiing and snowboarding in France. The French refer to it as handiski. Although a lot of ski schools still talk about disabled skiing - adaptive and assisted skiing and snowboarding is becoming far better known and is, we feel, a lot more in tune with today's society for inclusivity and accessibility.

There are nearly 150 ESF offering adaptive and assisted skiing and snowboarding of some description! So anyone who says France has no 'disabled' skiing........... have another think!

The UK have a dedicated website for the ESF ESF and is a very good way to find the perfect ski school both for the person requiring assisted skiing but for all your children, friends and family!

Catherine Cosby, Founder of Ski 2 Freedom, first began working with the ESF back in 2005. Whilst on a family ski holiday to Belle Plagne that she first came across an instructor with a sit-ski. ESF Belle Plagne was the first ski school that we knew about and have been working with them ever since!

Over the years I have had the honour and great pleasure to attend many events held by the ESF and to have skied with many of their adaptive ski instructors. I always try to ski with them and, if possible, in the various adapted sit-skis - Tandemski, Dual-ski, Snow-Kart etc. It is the best way of getting to know an individual instructor and their character - that way I can match a beneficary (someone who has contacted us for adaptive skiing) with the best ski instructor and/or equipment!

Like every snowflake, a person's health or medical condition is different and that is the same for the instructors! So matching them together is a vital part of a family holiday.

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Who Benefits

  • all conditions

ESF can offer activities to suit all conditions. This is because there is an excellent standard of activity instruction and equipment. Please note that some activities may be located at a near-by resort depending on snow/weather conditions.

Mountain Activities - Sporty and Fun

Mountain based activities, whether sporting or non-sporting, summer or winter, are empowering elements to life but please note that many may not be suitable for your condition or specific need. Activity providers, guides and instructors will often go out of their way to accommodate the needs of everyone but please understand if they are unable to do so for you. Always worth making further enquiries either via the organization responsible, the tourist office or Ski 2 Freedom.

Filter activities by season:

  • air boarding
  • archery and shooting
  • bobsleigh luge and skeleton
  • bowling
  • bouldering
  • canoeing rafting and kayaking
  • climbing - ice
  • climbing - rock
  • climbing - indoor
  • curling
  • cycling
  • donkey trekking
  • e-bikes
  • fat bikes
  • fishing
  • glacier skiing
  • golf
  • horse riding and trekking
  • horse sleigh rides
  • hot air ballooning
  • husky dog rides
  • ice diving
  • ice driving
  • ice fishing
  • ice hockey
  • ice skating
  • mountain biking
  • off road buggies
  • paragliding
  • piste basher driving
  • rafting
  • roller coaster
  • sailing and rowing
  • ski bikes
  • ski jumping
  • skidooing
  • skiing - alpine and downhill
  • skiing - biathlon
  • skiing - cross country
  • skiing - freestyle and boarder x
  • skiing - heli skiing
  • skiing - off-piste and ski touring
  • skiing - ski joering
  • snakeglisse
  • snow park
  • snow shoe walking
  • snowboarding
  • skiing - telemarking
  • tennis
  • tobogganing
  • tubing
  • via ferrata
  • walking and hiking
  • yooner
  • zip line

For more information on mountain activities in ESF please contact us.

Equipment Available

Please contact ESF for more information on booking activities and equipment hire.

  • Audio Equipment
  • Cross Country Equipment
  • Dual Ski
  • Dual Ski Piloted
  • Kartski
  • Sit ski rental
  • Ski Connect
  • Stabilisers - 3 track and 4 track
  • Snow Kart
  • Tempo Uniski
  • Tempo Dualski
  • Tandemski
  • Tandemflex
  • Uniski
  • Cimgo
Learn more about adaptive equipment


Working with so many ESF, it is difficult to include everyone - we would need a dedicated website! Which is why we can be found on the UK ESF website and will give as many details as possible on this page as well.

What People Say about ESF and Ski 2 Freedom Foundation

The following are delighted to share their experiences with you on how ESF was able to assist and empower them to have a life enhancing winter and ski holiday. If you would like to speak directly with one of our beneficiaries please contact us so we can put you in touch – sometimes sharing a similar condition can be most reassuring especially for first timers!

For the past 12 years the ESF have been outstanding in what they have given to Ski 2 Freedom's beneficiaries and we owe them an enormous heart-felt thank you of gratitude!

To see all of what they do, how each instructor, ski school and ski resort have welcomed visitors then the best way to see this is via our Blog and News Items. However, we are now including stories and experiences on this dedicated ESF page of our website.

Ski2TV is also a brilliant way to see the French instructors in action!

News and Blog Articles

All the news, feedback articles and press releases illustrate how ESF helps to enhance people’s lives. Also, in many cases, showing how Ski 2 Freedom works in close association with ESF to help raise awareness of the empowering benefits of mountain activities such as skiing and promoting accessible, social and inclusive tourism.

If on reading our ESF page, you have your own experiences and feedback of the resort (winter or summer) that you would like to share or feel would be encouraging to others, please do not hesitate to send them to us for inclusion on both our website and social media – photos and film clips also welcome.

News about ESF

Blogs about ESF

Access to Our Full Comprehensive Portfolio

Ski 2 Freedom Foundation would like to make it clear that we regard everyone as an individual and that no two people will have the same needs and requirements. Therefore please note that what you see on this page regarding assisted or adaptive skiing and accommodation, may not be suitable for you, or someone you know. However, if you think this destination would be a good ski resort for you, then please contact us to discuss your personal requirements and we will endeavour to see if the resort will meet these.

We hope that you have found the information on this page helpful and a chance to make a decision on where to go for your winter holiday. However, we know that often much more discussion is required and therefore we invite you to contact us as we hold extensive information on all our ski resorts – please contact us.

Our information has and is obtained by means of extensive personal research at a cost, often to the Foundation, we only give this out to those that request it and is not for general public use. For our beneficiaries this information is free but for a company or organisation we make a nominal charge via donation.

Ski 2 Freedom provides specific information on the activities for skiers with a disability, additional need or life-challenging illness, etc. plus useful extras such as wheelchair accessible places to stay; so we are not going to also reproduce amazing information and advice on ski resorts which has been collected by ski journalists, skiers and ski companies which are dedicated to this service - what we can do is to link you to these sites which may well give you some extra background information on a specific ski resort and help you make up your mind as to where you might go!