Biking and Rafting with Loisirs Assis Evasion

We joined Loisirs Assis Evasion for a fun day of biking and rafting in the mountains

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Fun for Everyone on Four Wheels for All

Loisirs Assiss Evasion took a large group with a variety of conditions on a mountain bike trek.

Well prepared with a fleet of four wheel bikes (4 x Cimgo and 6 x Quadrix bikes), they are able to accommodate every type of condition.

The trail starts above Combloux and ends up down in the valley close to Passy, passing through villages and farmland along the way.

The group did two runs down with each run lasting about an hour.

The Tessier Cimgo

The Cimgo is Tessier's bike version of a their piloted sit ski, designed to take people with more severe conditions on an off road bike adventure.

The pilot stands on the back of the bike and steers their passenger down the trails.

They are very versatile machines and handle the terrain very well.

The Quadrix

The Quadrix is designed for people with limited mobility to be able to ride independently.

They are designed so that the rear wheels fold down allowing them to fit onto a ski lift without the rider having to get out of the bike.

Rafting on the River Arve

After biking the group had lunch at the rafting center. Then they got kitted up for an afternoon of rafting.

No expense was spared in adapting the rafts!

A Simple Adaptation

For those with reduced mobility a garden chair was strapped to each raft.

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best!

The rafting trip lasted an hour.

The river was fairly mellow for the most part.

A small section of Rapids added some excitement at the end before the trip ended in Sallanches.