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Accessibility options
Accessibility options
Inclusivity, Accessibility and Well-Being enriches quality of life for children and adults with life-changing conditions through empowering year-round mountain activities including snow-sports

Tobogganing for People with Disabilities

Everyone loves whizzing down a mountain on a toboggan or sledge - from babies to grown ups! An activity that can be enjoyed by nearly everyone, if you have a very restrictive disability (fully ventilated quadraplegic for example) then it may be that
certain precautions need to be taken or it sadly is just not possible but everyone in the resort will do their best to give it a try! - until you have tried how do you know? And what is more during the summer a lot of places have amazing purpose built runs.

Jacob sledging

Every ski resort will have somewhere to toboggan but many have specially constructed or pisted runs from the gentle to the really scary and adrenaline seeker. Also fun for all are the sledges on rails often referred to as an Alpine Coaster.

Tobogganing in the summer

All types of sledges and toboggans can usually be hired from the ski shops or sports shops. Sometimes wearing a helmet would be a good idea and a good pair of gloves and boots. Goggles for kids is sometimes a great idea during the winter.


The Tourist Office, Lift Pass Office and other in-resort locations will always have a map and/or ski map of where the best runs are if they are on the main slopes. No extra payment needed unless you are taking the cable car or chair lift up to the start when your lift pass will cover that. Alternatively just walk up the slope and slide down.

For one of the highest Alpine Coaster sledge runs in Europe head up to Glacier 3000 near Gstaad in Switzerland. Please be aware that you must always check with the local lift office or Sledge Run as to what their safety and user regulations are.

Our ‘library’ of comprehensive information on which ski resort or mountain location is suitable for you, whether in France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Australia, Sweden…. is waiting for you to dip into and we are here to help find that perfect ski or summer holiday including wheelchair accessible accommodation. If you don’t find what you are looking for or need advice and reassurance then do contact us.

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