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Accessibility options
Accessibility options
Inclusivity, Accessibility and Well-Being enriches quality of life for children and adults with life-changing conditions through empowering year-round mountain activities including snow-sports

Welcome to the magic of the mountains and allow us to be your guide on a journey full of freedom and newly discovered experiences!

Ski 2 Freedom Foundation was created in 2007 by Catherine Cosby and has now established itself as a well respected organisation, globally, promoting the empowering benefits of snow-sport and winter experiences. Our aim is to enhance the life of anyone whose health or general well-being may be affected by a life-changing, life-challenging or terminal condition (physical, cognitive, degenerative, genetic, sensory, audio or mental) with the empowering benefits of year round mountain activities.

How Ski 2 Freedom can help:

Refer you to our affiliate non-profit organisation Mountains 4 All (see below) for all the advice and information you require

Help support a special ski holiday with an instructor and the adaptive equipment (if required) - at the moment funds are very limited which is why we continue to need donations and each case is considered on the health needs of the individual

Help support a child's dream or magic wish

Raise funds to ensure that there is sufficient adaptive ski or snowboard equipment in resorts

Promote and ensure that the therapeutic benefits of winter snow experiences are available for all

(a registered charity Number: 1151307 England & Wales)

Although I would not presume to understand all the difficulties faced by many of our beneficiaries, I do empathise enormously. I have a daughter with Rett Syndrome, Alexandra and her life and destiny are my inspiration. I also know what it is like to have often been on my own as a wife and mother of a child with severe life-challenging needs (I was married to an officer in the Royal Navy) and that life is never easy, either physically or mentally. I recognised that the holistic benefits the mountains could deliver and that, for many, the freedom to rehabilitation, respite and rejuvenation was often due to a lack of knowledge and information.

Ski 2 Freedom evolved because there was no resource available that responded to the specific needs of children and adults who could benefit from participation in mountain activities once thought to have been out of reach. It is now very much leading the way in how life-changing activities can benefit everyone and that tourism for health should be inclusive and accessible.

I always do my best to make sure that the experience beneficiaries have is as wonderful as possible. I am enormously grateful for all the support that I and the Foundation receives and we really are a global organisation with enquiries coming in from as far away as Uraguay, Australia, Japan, the Middle East and Asia – thank you everyone!

Catherine Cosby

Are you looking for reassurance, hope, healing, respite and the freedom and life-changing memories of being with family and friends in the Alps and Mountains? Then we can help you achieve a truly memorable and empowering assisted and adaptive winter ski trip. You don't even have to ski!! Up until June 2019, the specific advice and information required to facilitate an accessible ski holiday, was given by Ski 2 Freedom.

This expert advice is now provided by the non-profit organisation - Mountains 4 All. Catherine Cosby will continue to offer her guidance and advice with the Mountains 4 All Portfolio of Information on Accessible, Inclusive and Health Restoring Mountain Experiences.

For over 150 years the Alps and Mountains have been well-known for their therapeutic qualities. We are striving to bring this reality closer and are breaking down barriers to enable everyone to benefit on an equal basis and at all levels in mountain activities. They are a natural location for rehabilitation and an opportunity to find self-confidence and a renewed spirit for life. What Catherine started with Ski 2 Freedom, and now being done by Mountains 4 All, was to continue the work started all those years ago - the goal is to strive to ensure that the mountains continue to offer comfort, healing and place to reconnect with life.

Mountains 4 All was founded in June 2019 to take on the day-to-day operations of Ski 2 Freedom which previously provided the tailor-made concierge service via the Mountains 4 All Portfolio of Information on Accessible, Inclusive and Health Restoring Mountain Experiences, which is inclusive of all winter activities and meets the specific needs and requirements of people with life-changing, life-challenging or terminal health conditions so they can participate in mountain life and activities to gain self-confidence, self-esteem and positivity, a renewed spirit for life and empowerment which improves quality of life.

Ski 2 Freedom Foundation Official Charity Commission Mission Statement

‘To promote for the benefit of anyone affected by disability, life-changing, life-challenging, special needs or similar conditions (physical, cognitive, degenerative, genetic, sensory, congenital, audio, trauma, neurological or mental) the provision of facilities and information for recreation, rehabilitation and empowerment, the benefits of year round life-enhancing mountain activities, in particular through the provision of snow-sport activities, in the interests of social welfare, health tourism and with the object of improving condition of life. For Education, Awareness, Public Benefit, Corporate Responsibility and Social Improvement for All’

Sport or leisure activity, fresh air, food and being surrounded by nature is indicative to helping restore our equilibrium, an opportunity to find self-confidence and a renewed spirit for life.

A holiday, rehabilitation or rejuvenating break should be inclusive and accessible for everyone.

Welcome to the magic of the mountains and allow us to be your guide on a journey full of freedom and new experiences!