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Accessibility options
Accessibility options
Making the magic of winter mountain experiences truly inclusive and accessible

A Week in the Life of Mountains 4 All and Ski 2 Freedom

A Week in the Life of Mountains 4 All and Ski 2 Freedom is always busy but giving a helping hand to ensure a family or individual is able to ski or enjoy a beautiful mountain experience is so rewarding!

Every week is about one of celebration, making new friends and partners and discovering how we can help someone overcome their apprehensions and anxieties about travelling to the mountains. I also keep coming across health conditions, illnesses and syndromes that are new to me - much research to ensure I can offer the best advice.

It is also such a great pleasure to receive donations and from some very special people - as always an enormous thank you!

Saturday 19th October 2019
Open day in Gstaasd for the new soon-to-be-completed ski lift at the Eggli. Very exciting new installation and hoping it is as inclusive and accessible, especially for wheelchair users, as one would expect! When I get back to Switzerland it will be on the check-list. However, my confidence is growing that with some expert adaptive ski instructors this will have been considered by the Ski Lift Operators..............