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Accessibility options
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Courmayeur - Portfolio of Inclusive, Accessible, and Well-Being Mountain Experiences

Catherine Cosby of Mountains 4 All made a return visit to Courmayeur

Courmayeur Mont Blanc and Mountains 4 All are quickly establishing a great partnership to promote the region as a destination for all – Inclusive, Accessible, and Well-being are all the elements that make up a truly wonderful life-enhancing holiday or short-break from the day-to-day routine of everyday life.

I had a great morning in Courmayeur on Wednesday discovering both new activities and experiences that the resort offers – including wheelchair curling! – and, finally realising the dream of exploring the famous SkyWay!! An enormous thank you to Claudine from the Press department of Courmayeur Tourist Office , Denise Toldo from Gran Baita (Alpissima Hotel Group), and Maria from SkyWay for my incredible morning!

To be honest Italy is always a magnet for me and I am very confident that as we discover more about this magical place, that more and more of you will have truly life-empowering experiences there! It is not just the enjoyment of what one can do, along with the delicious food and coffee, but also the warm welcome that is such a ‘selling point’ of Courmayeur!

To see more of what SkyWay and Courmayeur can offer please read my 'morning in Courmayeur' report courmayeur-site-visit-25-september-2019