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Chamonix - Portfolio of Inclusive, Accessible & Well-being Mountain Experiences

Expanding our Portfolio of Inclusive, Accessible, and Well-being Mountain Experiences with Catherine Cosby of Mountains 4 All

It is always vital to keep up to date and maintain a strong link with our existing partners, as well as bringing new ones to the ‘family’. I had a great afternoon in Chamonix on Wednesday discovering two new hotels from the Best Mont Blanc Group – the Alpina Eclectic and the Croix Blanche and a new fun and enterprising restaurant along with a great new company offering action mountain activities - Action Mountain Holidays . Meeting up with Ed Noel (ENDesign) who looks after the technical part of our website and has been instrumental in helping us to achieve so much over the past few years, to discuss future developments and projects.

Read the full post of my afternoon in Chamonix site-visit-september-2019