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Stroke, Skiing and Freewhite in Sestriere - Piemont Italy

A Stroke does not stop a Ski 2 Freedom Beneficiary Skiing in Siestriere

Janusz, from Poland, shared his own feedback on his trip to Sestriere (Piemont – Italy) to Catherine Cosby, Founder of Ski 2 Freedom. (Please note that these are the personal comments from our beneficiary and we are sharing in good faith. We have been working with Gianfranco Martin and Freewhite for many years and do highly recommend them for all adaptive and assisted snow sports in Sestriere. If you have any comments of your own or would like to know more about Sestriere and Freewhite, please contact direct)

*“Sestriere was great and FREEWHITE a brilliant outfit as you had told me they would be! I am sharing a few comments about my recent trip which I hope might help other people wanting to ski with a physical or other health-related or life-changing condition.

• Freewhite has a small lodge/rental place just next to the main Siestriere chair lift.

• The local ski pass sales office is only 50 yrds away, up some stairs at street level, and they will accept proof of disability or reduced mobility documents for persons and/or helpers as applicable depending on disability category (20 - 50% discount) but only after receiving a verified form from the authorised personnel at Freewhite.

Freewhite were kind enough to accept non-italian documentation, although only E.U. and did the necessary forms without problems.

• Freewhite will also rent our special adaptive (disabled ski) ski equipment on the spot as well as organise someone trained to ski with a person. They are a really professional and practical outfit and deserve a medal as they are more help than profit!

• If you are disabled and even can’t ski and want to enjoy accompanying your loved ones, they can take you to share the experience in a guided sit-ski - go for it!

• Remember, when you return, often you will be tired due to your illness and maybe won’t perhaps show your appreciation adequately to their staff on the day - get your-self organised to tip them well before or next day!!! If they don’t accept, take them to a good restaurant on the slopes while they are looking after you.

• Siestriere is vast as far as choice of skiing route is concerned and very welcoming.

• If you are disabled, watch out for some of the roads and hotels in town - they are not adapted - choose carefully and TAKE YOUR OWN KETTLE!!

Many thanks, Catherine for your help!”* Janusz