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Suffolk Vikings Ski Team's Memorial Race in support of Ski 2 Freedom

We are delighted to have received a donation from the Suffolk Vikings Ski Team which was raised when the team raced on Saturday

Catherine Cosby, Trustee and Founder of Ski 2 Freedom said “We are thrilled to have been chosen as the recipient of funds raised at the Suffolk Vikings Ski Team’s annual memorial race. We look forward to seeing how we can help their members, family or friends, if needed one day, on the ski slopes of the Alps.”

Graham Cuthbert, Chairman, explained that “We are a slalom race club based at Ipswich in Suffolk, going over 40 years and currently over 100 members. Members aged from 4 years to 56. Sadly the parent of one of our members died a few years ago and we run a memorial race every year in February. I was discussing running the race as a charity race and one of the parents mentioned she had heard of a charity that helps cancer sufferers ski. Looking on the web I came across your foundation and felt it was a worthy cause tying in nicely with the club. The race is run as a dual slalom. The racers, mainly children are divided into teams and they race head to head. The team with the most points get a medal plus the opportunity to share the trophy. The kids love the competition, it's generally very popular and well attended. More than happy to keep in touch and hopefully do more in the future. We already do a regular children in need race, but I'm sure we can do something again at some point for you.”

Regards, Graham Cuthbert
Chairman Suffolk Vikings Ski Team

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