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Accessibility options
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Volunteer and/or Work with Disability Skiing and Snowsports

We are increasingly asked about opportunities to volunteer or work with disabled skiers and so we feel it would be beneficial to have some information which we hope will be useful! Perhaps you are already a qualified disability or adaptive ski instructor? Putting people in touch is what we are trying to do!

If you are already a competent and good level skier with a background of experience either with disabilities, special needs or medical then why not undertake a course which would give you the necessary qualification to help?

Some countries have different regulations about who and how you can help disabled skiers so we have divided some of our information into specific areas.

In many cases an individual disabled skier has attained a certain level and is just in need of a 'ski-buddy' - perhaps you already have some experience and/or qualification and could help out?

Do look down the page for opportunities that are currently available

For those of you who are doing a BASI or equivalent ski instructor qualification and need to do your 'hours' then there are opportunities for shadow-work. In France this is a possibiltiy and ESF La Rosiere are very happy to take you! Many other resorts and ESF ski schools are also willing to accommodate you for a period of time - if you have any difficulties in contacting a specific ski school, then do contact Simon Atkinson, the Director of ESF La Rosiere, direct (he is English and also a qualified and experienced disability ski instructor) and he will try to help by explaining to the Director of the ski school you are interested in about the BASI or equivalen scheme.

"Yes BASI trainees can shadow instructors in France and here in La Rosière I have signed a few courses for instructors. The only difficulty with handiskiing is you have to make sure you've clients the week that they are out with the ESF! For normal lessons this is no problem.
In some ESFs maybe I would need to explain to the director how it works so there's no misunderstanding."

Please contact us for more information.

For all of you who are already qualified or experienced disability/adaptive ski instructors or helpers please do contact us so we can add your details to our growing database - sort of "dating agency for disability skiing"!