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Accessibility options
Accessibility options
Inclusivity, Accessibility and Well-Being enriches quality of life for children and adults with life-changing conditions through empowering year-round mountain activities including snow-sports

Please be aware that this is a new way of illustrating the remarkable personal stories about our work but we will be uploading many more!)

Our Work in Action with a selection of 'Post Cards' reflecting how both the charitable organisations Mountains 4 All and Ski 2 Freedom help.

Mountains 4 All is delighted to share with you examples of our work - the amazing people who have benefited from our Library of Information on Accessible Mountain Experiences and the comments made regarding our website, the service we provide and how we facilitate truly memorable moments on the mountains for anyone affected by a medical or health-related condition.

Many of these incredible stories were achieved before Mountains 4 All was created when all the work of providing comprehensive information was supported by the UK charity Ski 2 Freedom Foundation (founded by Catherine Cosby) up until June 2019 when Mountains 4 All took over the Library of Information on behalf of Ski 2 Freedom, . But as both work in synergy we know you will appreciate reading about how we have got to where we are now.

A large number of the families and individuals who were helped and guided by Catherine's expertise wish to remain anonymous and we have always respected the privacy that our beneficiaries require. Life is not always easy and we are just happy that some are keen to share their experiences with us to inspire others - for those who wish to remain private, they have often allowed us to use quotes or photos but with no names used... so the stories we have are a small proportion of the work we have achieved.

One of the main objectives for us is to secure sufficient funding to enable Mountains 4 All to help many more people - sadly we are unable always to meet the demand that Catherine receives by way of enquiries to help everyone. With your help and donation we can put in place the much needed assistance to help advise, support and extend our Information Service.

Enjoy and be inspired by those who overcome adversity and show remarkable resilience to the challenges faced on a day to day scale. Examples of our work are by Season - starting with 2019 - 2020 and the last presentation is from 2007 and the early days.......

Our Work to support accessible and inclusive mountain experiences - including adaptive skiing and snowboarding

Winter Season 2018 - 2019