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Keeping Donors, Sponsors, Supporters and Ski 2 Freedom Beneficiaries Up to Date with News

Since 2007 we have had some incredible donations and remarkable success stories from the many families, individuals and groups that Ski 2 Freedom has helped achieve the dream of finding freedom in the mountain wonderland!

Over 1500 enquiries have been made to the Foundation - all dealt with personally by our Founder Catherine Cosby - and that has meant nearly 8,000 people have in some way been touched by the empowering benefits of mountain activities

Our network takes in every Continent except for Antarctica!

We have had enquiries from across the globe - apart from a few countries in Africa, Asia and the Pacific

We have contacts in almost every country with mountains!

Catherine Cosby has driven, on behalf of our work, the equivalent distance of Earth to the Moon .... she is just on her way back!

The Foundation has been able to provide over 6 Tessier sit-skis to resorts in France, Austria and Switzerland thanks to the generosity of our donors and supporters

Even though Ski 2 Freedom Foundation and Mountains 4 All have seperate day-to-day operations they are linked by their joint mission in life to help open up the mountains and the life-changing experiences to everyone regardless of health or personal needs. News about one is relevant to the other and vice versa!