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Accessibility options
Accessibility options
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Here at Ski-Lifts we love skiing and we believe that skiing should be an inclusive sport. We're supporting Ski 2 Freedom in their mission to help more people with disabilities to improve their lives 'through experiencing the freedom that the mountains have to offer'.

If you would like to book an airport transfer and support Ski 2 Freedom at the same time, simply click on the button below and make a Ski-Lifts airport transfer booking through their specific booking page. That way, you will receive exactly the same service you would if you booked directly through their website, but you will be donating 10% to a good cause.

Book an airport transfer with Ski Lifts

We are delighted to have the support of organisations who share our ideals of how winter sports and skiing can benefit people with well-being and a sense of fun and enjoyment with family and friends.

It is a wonderful initiative when ski companies, travel companies, chalet companies, on-line shopping organisations, ski transfer companies and many more are happy to donate a percentage of their bookings to us and we are extremely grateful.

If you would like to become involved and support our work which will enable us to give more people the chance to live a dream, then please contact us.