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Making the magic of winter mountain experiences truly inclusive and accessible

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Assisted Mountain Activities: Inclusive, Accessible, and Well-Being for People with a Health or Medical Condition In Europe

Skiing is just one of the activities that are becoming increasingly inclusive and accessible for all! However, the Alps and Mountains of Europe offer so much more, not just the winter snow-sports, but also year-round experiences and adventures. Whatever the medical or health condition of a child, young person or adult is, participating comes down to how that condition relates to a mountain environment.

To be able to share the same exciting, fun and stimulating activities and experiences as others is a true way to feel freedom and empowerment. Life should be inclusive and that also means being able to be with family and friends sharing in the delights of the mountains!

Europe has much to offer! For instance in the winter, many of the ski resorts offer adaptive and assisted skiing lessons, equipment and guiding for all physical, sensory, cognitive, mental, and other needs - it is just a question of finding what suits you and the best location.

Because everyone is an individual but may have some specific needs relating to a particular condition, we want to ensure that those needs are met. With our comprehensive and unique Portfolio of Inclusive and Accessible Mountain Experiences we can help you have a life-enhancing holiday or rehabilitation trip! Where possible we recommend ski schools, actitvity organizations, hotels, etc. that are known personally to us.

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Please contact us explaining your specific needs and requirements and we will be delighted to give you details of the accessible ski resorts that will ensure you have the holiday of a lifetime!

As we pride ourselves on offer a very personal and tailor-made service to people, if there is anything you would like to know then do contact Catherine Cosby and, with over 12 years of experience in the mountains, and having a daughter with a catastrophic genetic disorder - Rett Syndrome - she is empathetic and knowledgeable about how and where you will gain the most from your trip to the mountains.

International Mountain Day 11th December 2019

Join us in marking International Mountain Day on the 11th December 2019 and let's show the world that Inclusive, Accessible and Well-Being experiences are possible in the Alps and Mountains!!