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Accessibility options
Accessibility options
Inclusivity, Accessibility and Well-Being enriches quality of life for children and adults with life-changing conditions through empowering year-round mountain activities including snow-sports

Group Holidays

Charity ski holidays and adventure camps are a great way for children, adults and disadvantaged people to find self-confidence, new friends, new skills in the mountains.

If you, a friend or family member would like to ski and explore the mountains as part of a group then you may find what you are looking for on this page. Sometimes being with a group is a great chance to meet new friends and develop further understanding about a particular disability, injury or special need.

It can be the ideal opportunity to learn a new skill or develop an existing one. Once confidence is gained then the mountains can be explored either with friends, family, partner or even with a group of skiers with similar medical or special requirements.

For families with a child who has a disability, especially one where 24 hour care is needed, the opportunity for that child to have a holiday being looked after by experienced and caring individuals learning new skills, having fun and being in a safe but unique environment is beneficial not just to the young person but also to the family itself. These holidays can either be for the young person themselves or include other family members.

If you would like to participate or know more about any of the holidays or events featured please contact the organisation direct.

If your charity or organisation provides or promotes ski holidays for disabled children and/or adults, adventure ski holidays for children or adults who may benefit from being with people who understand their condition, ski racing or competions for any disability (physical, mental, visual or audio) then please let us know and we would be happy to help promote it for you. Contact giving us dates, location and who are event is aimed at.

If you know of any organisation that would like to promote their event then do please contact us.

Salveson Ski Group

Salveson Ski Group is a small charity that aims to give Young People with Disabilities the opportunity to learn a new skill whilst developing their character. Spending time with others and sharing stories and experiences is an essential part of what we try to achive whilst having a most amazing time away! We also use this as an opportunity for parents and carers to have a break themselves while we host your charges!

Disability Snowsport UK

Katie's Ski Tracks

Aldershot Ski