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Accessibility options
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Ski 2 Freedom Foundation provides information on skiing and mountain activities for people with cancer or for those who are recovering from cancer.

Ski 4 Cancer

Ski 4 Cancer provides alpine based respite days and holidays for British families living with cancer. We also make grants to UK based palliative care institutions and fund research into the positive effects that excercise and respite trips can have on cancer prevention and recovery

Caring Cancer Trust - sun and snow adventure holidays

Provides special Healing Holidays for children recovering from cancer, helping them to regain their self-confidence and re-ignite their passion for life after the trauma of cancer and lengthy treatment.

Caring Cancer Trust took to the ski slopes in April 2010 with a group of young kids recovering from leukaemia, bone cancer and related illnesses for an exciting Alpine Snow Adventure holiday at La Plagne in the French Alps where they had the time of their life at the magnificent Chalet Maxine donated by our partners Snowfox Holdays and learnt to ski.