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Skiing and Snowboarding after a stroke: personal experiences

If you decide, after watching or reading one of these remarkable stories, that you wish to contact a ski school direct please do ensure you mention that you came via Ski 2 Freedom. We work in close partnership with the adaptive and disabled ski providers and this ensures that up date informtion is kept by us and them.

Suffering a stroke and relearning to ski again in Courchevel March 2013: "I cannot thank Ski2 Freedom enough for giving me the confidence to take my family skiing. We were all beginners together and spent a very normal happy week together on the slopes of Courchevel." Lucie

At the age of 41, Lucie had a stroke in 2006 following the birth of her second son. The stroke had left her with a weakness on the left side - she has problems walking and no functional use of her left arm. She had been an experienced skier in her teens and twenties but had not skied since then.

“I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for introducing me to Pierre Bernoud in Courchevel. He was a brilliant guide and gave me the confidence to ski again after my stroke. It was only by speaking with you that I thought I could do it again and my husband and I took our two boys skiing for the very first time."