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Personal Stories - Skiing with Hemiplegia in La Rosiere

Please note that these are the comments from skiers and their families and Ski 2 Freedom is not responsible for any of the information.

The Holden family enjoy the snow in La Rosière.

Half Term Holiday 2010 for James Holden aged 15 who has right sided hemiplegia. It certainly looks as if James will be adding skiing to his portfolio of sporting activities.

“My skiing experience in La Rosière was really interesting and enjoyable. I picked up the techniques very quickly with the help of Jerome from ESF. He was really helpful and understanding about my disability and was aware I needed lots of rests. This then helped me relax and therefore ski more safely and effectively. By the end of the week I was able to go down the slopes with speed and confidence.” James Holden

**“Thank you Ski 2 Freedom so much for all your recommendations and for making our holiday a real success.”

Mrs Holden