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Coffin Siris Syndrome

Coffin–Siris Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that causes developmental delays and absent fifth finger and toe nails. There had been 31 reported cases by 1991. The number of occurrences since then has grown and is now reported to be around 80.

With such a rare condition, being able to be part of a family ski holiday, or taking advantage of the amazing experiences and activities available in the mountains and alpine regions of Switzerland, France, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Spain....... and many more! is such a special and life-enhancing time for people.

At Mountains 4 All, we have just had an enquiry from a family with a young son who has Coffin Siris Syndrome. The family did not think it could really be possible to have an inclusive ski holiday but it is and we are delighted to be helping.

We are currently working on the content for this page. Please contact us for information on assisted mountain activities if you or someone you know has Coffin Siris Syndrome.

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