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Jack Eyers - single leg amputee

Jack Eyers, a single leg amputee, found freedom on the slopes of La Plagne. Skiing black runs on day 5 of his first week ever on snow might have been enough but not for Jack, who also took to the skies with a parapente and managed to drive a skidoo….

“Thank you so much for all your help, I had an amazing time!! I'm so glad I decided to use the outriggers. Thank you so much for sorting this out for me! This holiday has been a massive achievement for me.

A conversation we all had in France was "if we had a choice of one holiday per year what would it be, sun and beach or skiing?" I said skiing!

If a leg amputee ever asks what you recommend, defiantly tell them to use the outriggers or stab's as the French call them. Julian, my ski instructor from Oxygene, was extremely good and really helped. I’m so glad I’ve decided to buy the outriggers.

I’m even looking at getting my own boot and ski. I’m going to try and find an ex-display boot and maybe an odd ski? Thanks again!!"

Jack Eyers, 21.