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Accessibility options
Accessibility options
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The Resort

Ishcgl is a picturesque and lively ski resort in the Tyrol ski region of the Austrian Alps. It is mostly flat with tarmac lanes and few inclines in the village making it very accessible. Cars are allowed in the village but when Ski 2 freedom visited (24th Nov 2012- first weekend of the season) there was not a lot of traffic.

There are a wide variety of restaurants - from fine dining and pizzerias to traditional Austrian fare. Many of the restaurants are at street level making access easy.

Ischgl prides itself on après-ski and nightlife. Bars such as Kuhstall and Feuer & Eis are situated very close to the Silvretta Gondola, perfect for a gluhwein after an exhilarating day on the slopes! The bars and restaurants usually offer après-ski from 4 to 7ish and then settle down a little for family dining until about 10. But don’t worry; if you are looking for a wild night, Ischgl is the place to be! Many of the bars stay open until the early hours and if you’re looking for something a bit different, how about one of Ischgl’s famous mountain top concerts.

Who Benefits

If you, a friend or family member have any of the following then Ischgl might work brilliantly for your ski or summer holiday. This is by no means an exhaustive list (it would be impossible to include every condition) but many have similar or common factors. As often someone may have a condition that we have not yet come across please do ask us if you are interested in the resort and we can try to help.

  • amputee
  • cognitive
  • cerebral palsy
  • hemiplegia
  • quadraplegic
  • orthopaedic
  • paraplegic
  • multiple sclerosis
  • learning difficulties
  • visually impaired

We do advise that if you have any health issues that might be affected by extreme temperatures; altitude or have had surgery or an on-going physical / neurological condition that might be or could be affected by being moved at speed, over rough or uneven terrain or being on or in a ski lift please do contact us for more advice before going ahead and booking your holiday. Another resort might work better for you.

Click here for more information on specific conditions

Places to Stay in Ischgl

Ischgl has a great selection of hotels, apartments and chalets suitable for all visitors. Accessible accommodation in Ischgl is also available for wheelchair users (dependent on type of wheelchair) and those with limited mobility.

If a place is listed below it will have been visited by Ski 2 Freedom or will be personally known to us. However, any accommodation listed on this page is by no means all that is available in the resort. To have a full list of places, please contact us, and if possible please state your preferred requirements.

There is a wide variety of accommodation options. Many of the hotels in the centre of Ischgl are 4-5 star and offer a luxurious and comprehensive ski holiday experience. Many of these have entrances at street level and lifts making them very accessible. The Hotel Sonne, for example, offers especially designed disabled rooms. There are some more basic options further out of the centre, mostly around the the area of Mathon. A free ski bus transports skiers from these areas to the main gondola.

Ski Schools and Assisted Sport Providers in Ischgl

The Ski Schule Ischgl has offices at the bottom and top of the Silvretta gondola. They are very experienced in disabled and adaptive skiing tuition and have approximately four instructors who have specific qualifications. They also have experienceir instructors in tuition for blind skiers and in working with people with learning difficulties. Their instructors are all fluent in German and English- some other languages may be available.

The ski school does not own any specialist equipment but if an enquiry is made, they are able to book and obtain the appropriate equipment from Germany. Please note that this may have changed since last winter.

Tourist Office and Places of Interest in the Resort and Surrounding Area

To get a better idea and understanding of the ski resort of Ischgl and what else they can offer you for your holiday, we suggest you look up their website as every Tourist Office offers a fascinating and exciting insight into what they and the surrounding area can offer visitors. In addition many have a dedicated website or page for those who are in need of assistance, disabled, with young children and babies and those of us just getting on a bit in life!

For more information on the ski resort of Ischgl itself we recommend that you also contact the Tourist Office.

Access to Our Full Comprehensive Portfolio

Ski 2 Freedom Foundation would like to make it clear that we regard everyone as an individual and that no two people will have the same needs and requirements. Therefore please note that what you see on this page regarding assisted or adaptive skiing and accommodation, may not be suitable for you, or someone you know. However, if you think this destination would be a good ski resort for you, then please contact us to discuss your personal requirements and we will endeavour to see if the resort will meet these.

We hope that you have found the information on this page helpful and a chance to make a decision on where to go for your winter holiday. However, we know that often much more discussion is required and therefore we invite you to contact us as we hold extensive information on all our ski resorts – please contact us.

Our information has and is obtained by means of extensive personal research at a cost, often to the Foundation, we only give this out to those that request it and is not for general public use. For our beneficiaries this information is free but for a company or organisation we make a nominal charge via donation.

Ski 2 Freedom provides specific information on the activities for skiers with a disability, additional need or life-challenging illness, etc. plus useful extras such as wheelchair accessible places to stay; so we are not going to also reproduce amazing information and advice on ski resorts which has been collected by ski journalists, skiers and ski companies which are dedicated to this service - what we can do is to link you to these sites which may well give you some extra background information on a specific ski resort and help you make up your mind as to where you might go!