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Inclusivity, Accessibility and Well-Being enriches quality of life for children and adults with life-changing conditions through empowering year-round mountain activities including snow-sports

Kleefstra Syndrome

Adaptive and Assisted Ski Holiday:

Kleefstra syndrome is a rare genetic condition in which a tiny piece is missing from near the end of one of the body’s 46 chromosomes. The condition can also be called 9q subtelomeric deletion syndrome. The missing piece includes a gene called EHMT1. Its absence is believed to cause the major symptoms of the syndrome.

A ski holiday, winter holiday or summer trip to the mountains is a real possibility for families with a child with Kleefstra Syndrome. Certain precautions may well need to be taken but, with the right advice and the most suitable assisted skiing (handiski in French) then there is no reason why a really memorable, fun and joyful holiday can't be achieved!

Ski 2 Freedom Foundation has helped several families with Kleefstra Syndrome to have adaptive ski lessons. Our latest story is from a family who went to Montgenèvre in France.

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Skiing with Kleefstra Syndrome does not limit where you can go. There are many, many ski schools and ski resorts that will have the right accommodation but most importantly, the very best ski instructors trained to know how to help; which adaptive ski equipment is best and ensure that your child has the most enjoyable and inclusive family ski holiday!

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