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BENEFICIARY: School Ski Trip for Joel with Cerebral Palsy - Davos, Switzerland - February 2019

A Mother’s dream to see both sons doing something together comes true…

As a family, our dream was for Joel to join his brother on the annual school ski trip. Joel has Cerebral Palsy he has enormous enthusiasm for life and attends a main-stream school in Derbyshire (UK). Without your help Catherine, this would not have been possible! - thank you Jodie Rogers (mother of Joel)

Background story:

Until now, the school had not included any student with special needs but with the support, advice and encouragement from Ski 2 Freedom’s founder, Catherine Cosby, this dream became a reality. The adventure began for the Rogers’ family when Jodie contacted Ski 2 Freedom Foundation via their on-line enquiry form.

To read the full story click here....... m-1123-w-rogers-joel

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