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Accessibility options
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Skiing with Spina Bifida in Morzine

Born with Spina Bifida does not stop actor David Proud from skiing in Morzine

For actor David Proud (EastEnders) who has spina bifida and is a wheelchair user going skiing for the first time in January 2011 was an amazing life-changing experience. *“As a disabled person you face a constant battle with barriers that other people believe you can’t overcome. For me the minute it snows I am usually tucked up in a house with a kettle and a warm blanket watching people play in the snow outside. I have always known that disabled people can ski but it’s not the sort of thing that your local travel agent has any idea about. The beautiful thing about Ski 2 Freedom is the full meaning of the word freedom. The awesome feeling of skiing down a mountain and having all barriers removed – that is freedom! No matter where your friends or family are going you can be with them. In all my years I don’t think I have seen anything quite as breathtaking as the Alps from the highest part..... read the whole story * ben-gb-proud-david-sb-morzine-esf-2011

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