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London Marathon - Mark Godden running on behalf of Ski 2 Freedom

Photo of one our Ski 2 Freedom's beneficiaries (Rett Syndrome)

Mark Godden supporting Ski 2 Freedom by running in the London Marathon!!!

Please do support his Just Giving Page JustGiving page.

I have skied for many years and have been lucky enough to enjoy a large part of my life in the mountains. As a ski instructor, I recognise that being in the mountains can be so rewarding for many people. I have decided to support an amazing charity that can help people less fortunate than us experience the great effect the mountains can have on any person. This can be from a massive smile to a life changing experience. Many of you have seen people of all ages with different disabilities or illnesses on the mountains and their faces speak for themselves. They are a great inspiration to all of us. Please help me to help them by supporting my 2020 London Marathon challenge. All sponsorship will be gratefully received and carefully used.

Thank you so much Mark this means an enormous amount to us and I know will benefit many amazing young people gain new life-changing experiences by being on the ski slopes!! Catherine Cosby (Founder and Trustee of Ski 2 Freedom)

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