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Ski Club of Great Britain Announces Winner of the Evie Pinching Emerging Talent Award

Ski 2 Freedom is delighted to congratulate Menna Fitzpatrick winner of the Ski Club of Great Britain's Evie Pinching Emerging Talent Award.

Blind and visually impaired skiers are really topping the charts in the ski world and it is great to be able to add our congratulations to Menna Fitzpatrick on winning the Evie Pinching Emerging Talent Award given by the Ski Club of Great Britain.

Catherine Cosby of Ski 2 Freedom commented: "As the Ski Club of GB's ‘Ask an Expert' on snow sports for those needing extra assistance, with a number of Ski Club members asking for advice, especially those with a sight problem, this is really great news that Menna has won the award. It will be motivating and encouraging for all up and coming young visually impaired skiers and an inspiration to those to take up what is a freedom-giving sport whether one is skiing on or off the piste."

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