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Discovering Wellbeing in the Jungfrau Region of Switzerland

Celebrating #Wellness in the snowy mountains

How a mother from Ireland, along with her family, found inspiration, a renewed sense of faith and well-being by taking a break from skiing and discovered the wonderment of being on the ‘Top of Europe’.

With so much that is wheelchair accessible and, with the charm and helpfulness of those who work for the #junfraujochtopofeurope, it was a unique and life-enhancing few hours away from the daily challenges John (born with Quadra-Amelia-Syndrome), his siblings and his parents face. It seems that nothing can stand in the way of adversity and perhaps, the ultimate show of strength that this amazing mother found up high surrounded by majestic views, breathing in the clean air, was a sense of fun, joy and maybe even some might think the ridiculous, the chance to dance an Irish Jig at 3,454 m!!

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Ski 2 Freedom Foundation was only able to provide the inspiration for this type of #wellness trip with the support of our donors, especially the Tobell Family who take a personal interest in ensuring young people and their families find true winter inclusivity and empowerment.

We would love your help in providing these inspiring ideas for other families, and especially those who take on so much of the care and assistance needed for young people with a severe medical condition, to feel that sense of wellbeing and freedom we believe the mountains in winter are so unique in giving. Together, with your donation, we can ensure access this ultimate #wellness environment!

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