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New Year Countdown Day 3: Life Enhancing Mountain Experiences

New Year Countdown Day 3: Life-Changing Experiences in the Swiss Alps

Take a break from the day-to-day challenges of life and go up to Kandersteg to relax and just enjoy the moment!

Winter in the mountains does not just have to be about skiing! We discovered the magic of the Belle Epoque Week held annually in Kandersteg – what is there not to like? And, if you want to release your inner self then dress up and have fun!!! An amazing life-changing Winter Holiday! So many amazing experiences that will bring renewed strength through fun, laughter, snow, new friendships, fresh air, walking, tobogganing and enough to make anyone smile – let those endophins rock! Now one can see why people came to the Swiss Alps over a 100 years ago for their health and well-being! Life the dream!


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