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Accessibility options
Accessibility, Inclusivity and Well-Being can enrich the quality of life for children and adults with life-changing medical and health-related conditions through empowering snow sports and winter mountain experiences

Down's Syndrome (Trisomie 21) Ski in Morzine

Skiing with Down’s Syndrome in Morzine, France, with the ESF Morzine

*“We have just returned from a week’s skiing in les Portes du Soleil and six days of glorious sunshine. We weren’t sure we were going to make the skiing holiday, as our son Jacob, who is 17 and has Down’s Syndrome, had been unwell for a couple of weeks with a chest infection. As it turns out though, it seems that some ‘handiski’ sessions with Tigrou from ESF Morzine was just the tonic he needed! For the second year running we have had the pleasure of taking Jacob with Tigrou and he greeted us like old friends. We were as delighted to see him as he was to see us (we had made a pre-booking for 2015 as soon as we returned from our holiday last year!). read more ben-gb-howes-jacob-ds-fr-morzine-esf *
*« Nous venons tout juste de retourner d’une semaine de ski aux Portes de Soleil et six jours bien ensoleillés. Nous n’étions pas sûrs de pouvoir partir en vacances parce que notre fils Jacob, qui a 17 ans et qui a la Trisomie 21, était malade depuis deux semaines avec une infection des poumons. Mais il s’est avéré qu’une semaine de handiski avec Tigrou de l’ESF Morzine était exactement ce qu’il le fallait.* ben-gb-howes-jacob-ds-fr-morzine-esf

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